Queremos agradecer a todos los participantes del sorteo "Rodando por la causa de Comunidad Down AC", que se llevó a cabo el día 17 de noviembre a las 5:00pm les damos a conocer el ganador del premio: Folio 1829 Mariana Ponce Arriola. ¡felicidades Mariana!
El premio se entregará el 21 de noviembre a las 5:00pm en Comunidad Down, están todos invitados.

Comunidad Down (Comunidad means Community) was founded in 1977 by a group of parents in order to provide their children with Down's, a place where they could develop their full capacities, when Mexico had no much in this field. Throughout the years, this Community took on the task of search systems and relevant methods to provide them with the best opportunities, and today we have these children, now adults, who are integrated into society and live a fulfilling life, they are happy people, and enjoy what they do; this project has been a landmark in the country.